I have only ever seen 3 people die

I’ve only ever seen three people die.

My Grandma.
My Dad.
And George Floyd.

It quickly puts things into perspective. Things like Life. Family. Schedules. Masks. Friends. Haircuts. Yoga.

How lucky am I to have the luxury of worrying about the yoga schedule right now. I don’t feel lucky. I feel nauseous. And pissed. And sad.

See I was born in the middle. Middle child. Middle-class family. Middle of the state. Middle of the West Coast. Part Democrat part Republican. Part Buddhist Part Baptist. I can always see both sides of every situation. So It came natural to feel indecisive. Never wanting to upset anyone.

But watching the horror of George Floyd’s murder made everything instantly clear:

This world could be a safer place if we all decide to make it happen. We have to decide to make it happen.

Nelson Mandela said it before me ; )

… “It is in our hands to create a better world for ALL who live in it”.

He also said… “it always seems impossible, until it’s done”.

Today I find myself in the middle again. To reopen. To not open. To mask or not to mask. To go back to the way it was… or to change everything. But I’m more decisive now.

I will never presume to have all the answers. I will never assume I know how you feel.  And I will no longer imagine or pretend that the world I live in … works for everyone.

What I will do is keep practicing because it makes me calmer, stronger and braver. It gives me the clarity to make better decisions. And if you want a safe place to practice, to get out of your house, to get out of your head and into your heart…. I’ll be here creating that clean, open space.

Please remember two things:

  1. Be KIND. Be extra kind if you come here. Things are different. We are all doing the best we can.
  2. His name was George Floyd. Please remember his name. He didn’t have the choice to breathe. He didn’t get to decide. We can. We can sign the petition, donate money, support and follow the leaders in the communities that are fighting for their lives. I can decide to do more. #justiceforgeorge #blacklivesmatter #chooselove

    Sign the petitions, donate, share his story. https://www.justiceforbigfloyd.com/

George Floyd 1974 – 20202

My Dad 1960 and 2008

Grandma 1996-ish?