School Lockdowns and Farm Fresh Foods

I didn’t really understand about lockouts until yesterday.

One of our teachers in training, Justine, recently told me that they had a lockout…? lockdown? At her elementary school. You know, where they lock down the school to lock out any danger. I didn’t realize we had those here.

What she realized after it was over was that it didn’t impact her as much as it did the first time she experienced it.

I know, it’s desensitization. Do the thing you fear enough and it will be less frightening. But SHE has the where-with-all to recognize this.

Do our kids? Mine does.

Because he’s been listening to me blather on for years about things like:

Breathe slower. Let it go.
Stand up for yourself.
Try Meditation. Get more Sleep.
Clothes IN the laundry basket
Drink more water.
Answer me when I text you. Even a simple emoji will do!
Figure out what you Love/do more of that.
If you need me. Call.

This is why when he dislocated his shoulder at 17 on Mt. Hood… the paramedics said he was ‘one tough kid’. He, himself, thanked me when he got home… for teaching him to breathe. I love to tell that story in more dramatic fashion. Brings tears to my eyes every time. But today it’s not about him. It’s about our collective response to stress.

Do you know what your response is? Do you let it out? Tamp it down? Act like it didn’t happen? Cry your eyes out? Freak out and exaggerate? What’s your style? I almost swallowed a bug the other night and realized my response isn’t always on point!

But, do you know what your child’s response is?

And most of all, do you know what it does to their nervous system when it goes unaddressed? For years? Yep. Anxiety. Depression. Chaos. Illness.

Aaannnnddd… the antidote?

Breathing. Moving. Talking. Connecting.
Which brings… you guessed it: Calm. Courage. Clarity, Compassion.

Wherever your stress comes from, it has a plan. To help you survive.
And whether it’s a huge loss or a simple disappointment, Our practice helps.
It is a proven antidote for stress.

We practice until what we practice, becomes the ‘Norm’. ; )

Would you like your stress response to be more like Justine’s? She’s practiced enough lockouts that now she doesn’t react. She responds calmly and clearly – which is the response we need more of.

The way we respond matters to those around us. Another local example: One of our guests told me yesterday that when she comes to yoga, it gives her the strength and clarity to do what she does for our community. She feeds it. She grows farm fresh food for all of us. So ‘Practicing’ actually nourishes our community. How sweet is that?! That also brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Cynthia for the thoughtful encouragement.


** If you want to practice… hit reply and tell me what’s holding you back.
Maybe I can help, no pressure, I promise.

** If you want to come to our next Yoga/Anxiety talk in March and find out how exactly we can help… hit reply and ask.

Don’t let stress wear you down. It’s actually designed to save you. If you let it.

Much Love,
: )

Private sessions are available by appointment in person, workshops at your school, work or other space, plus guided meditations via zoom/phone. And my Group class is on Thursday nights at 5:30pm. The easiest way to eliminate anxiety is to learn cell-deep relaxation. Get good at it through practice. Hit reply to get more info.

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